Children into adults

Jessie Mann is now around 23, she has followed in her mother footsteps and is now creating mixed media art. Her works contain paint, text, and sometimes photographs. She has also continued at the one thing her mother made her and her siblings famous for, modelling. Out all her siblings Jessie seems to of grasp a much more intelligent concept  of art from working with her mother from a young age : “There is magic in things, life is magical and wonderful.” A quote taken from an interview with Jessie Mann where she is talking about how she loves the photographs are able to provoke questions about the differences between reality and fantasy










The only information I could find on the other two siblings Emmett and Virginia is that Emmett is still working in his birth place of Lexington, Virginia and his sister Virginia is an accomplished lawyer graduate.   

Do the Children Feel About Their Part in the Immediate Family.

 All three of Sally Manns children have constantly remained supportive of their mothers work and never agreed to any suggestions of the immoral or innappropiate photographing of themselves as children. Taken form an interview with Jessie Mann that appeared Aperture Magazine in 2006, she comments,

“despite the way those photographs complicated and expanded our lives, I believe that the entire process was for our own good, because it was done with faith in art.” – The Independant

and also in Aperturte (2001)  – “We enjoyed being photographed. It gave us a sense of beauty. As a result of her upbringing, Mom’s a little reserved. She isn’t touchy- affectionate. She had a hard time showing us how much she loved us. But I’ve also realised that each photograph was her way of capturing how much she cared about us”

The three children continued to show faith in their mothers work through their continuing to sit for their mothers  recent work, What Remains, in a series of extreme close-up portraits taken using an antique large format camera, using  glass plate.


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