[online image] [accessed on 29/06/11]

[online image] [accessed 29/06/11]

[online image] [accessed 29/06/11]

[online image]  [accessed 29/06/11]

[online image] (accessed on 28/06/2011)

[online image] (accessed on 28/06/2011)

[online image],r:25,s:136&tx=82&ty=68&biw=1920&bih=957

[online image]


[online source]

[online source]

[online source]

[online source]

[online source] Jessie Mann @[accessed 27/06/11]

[online source] (accessed on 28/06/11)

[online source]  (accessed on 28/06/11)

[online source] [accessed 29/06/11]


[online article] Model Family by Molly roberts @ [accessed 28/06/11]

[online article] Photographer Sally Mann’s Best Shoot by Andrew Pulver @[accessed 28/06/11]

[online article] Art or abuse?: A lament for the loss of innocence by Tiffany Jenkins @ [accessed 28/06/11]

[online article] Jessie Mann Interview by unknown @[accessed 28/06/11]

[online article] Sally Mann’s “Proad Flesh” by Max Wientraub @[accessed 28/06/11]

[online article] “Semiotics for Beginners”, by Daniel Chandler @ [accessed 29/06/11]


[online video] [accessed on 29/06/11]

[online video]

What Remains: The Life & Work of Sally Mann (2008) Directed by Peter Spirer and Steven Cantor [DVD]. America: Zeitgeist Films


Aperture Foundation, Inc. (2001) issue # 162 Jessie Mann

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Mann, Sally: Immediate Family, 1992, Aperture Foundation, Inc, Published by: Phaidon Press Limited 1992.


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